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Cryptocurrency Marketplace


Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Responsive Browser Application UX & UI Design | Proof-of-Concept

Originally slated to be a complete responsive application design, the back-end solution that was to be utilized by our client became no longer viable. This part of a 2-phase project was then nixed.
We did however manage to design an amazing cryptocurrency exchange / marketplace dashboard in dark mode.



Due to the "real estate" requirements for the candlestick graph and the Order Book section, we opted for a collapsed sidebar by default.

This sidebar carries over from the main fintech app we designed, where we used the first 2 letters of a navigation section title instead of an icon.
We feel icons that are not ubiquitous are harder to correlate with their textual counterparts, therefore harder to remember. When mousing or clicking on the Nav letters, the rest of the word’s letters slides out in a fluid action. We did design a series of icons for the navigation for our client to deploy at a later time if necessary.

DASHBOARD w/Expanded Sidebar + Advanced Search

Hovering or clicking the sidebar's arrow icon expands the sidebar to it's full capacity. The search field yields results in a "search as you type" functionality, delivering results expeditiously.


The ability to customize the placement of dashboard modules is always an important factor for a user to make the dashboard their own. This image shows the Order Book being placed under the candlestick graph.