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Real Estate Web Design Proof-of-Concept

Responsive Web Design

Client: Name Withheld

A proof-of-concept, responsive web design project for a luxury real estate broker. Modern trends flourish with soft, uplifting drop shadows, rounded corners, bold, vibrant imagery and generous white space. Client's name has been withheld and a fictitious name added. We took a different approach with the Listing page than other studios do. Using sharp, architectural angles, we wanted to break conventions of using linear, horizontal imagery.

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Responsive Desktop & Mobile Web Design

Client: Assemblers Inc.

Brought in by Assemblers Inc to redesign their corporate website for both desktop browsers and mobile in a responsive design format.

browser, mobile, responsive design, web design

Website Design + Interaction Design

Client: Infor

The Skins Factory was given the task of completely overhauling the visual user experience & interaction design for the website. By utilizing design cues we established in the user interface development of Infor's flagship suite of applications, Infor10, The Skins Factory was able to expand upon our forward-thinking design language to create a dynamic experience while maintaining visual consistency.

infor, interaction design, web design

Infor Xtreme Support Website

Website Design + Interaction Design

Client: Infor

After delivering stunning results on, Infor Global Systems brought The Skins Factory back for another major web design project - the reimagining of the Infor Support site... Infor Xtreme Support. Once again, The Skins Factory web design team carried over the design language we established for previous Infor projects, to keep the brand symmetry intact while giving Infor Xtreme Support it's own look and feel.

infor, interaction design, web design

K-Alliance Landing Page

Website Design + Interaction Design

Client: K-Alliance

K-Alliance, an enterprise and corporate elearning training company, contracted The Skins Factory to do a one-page prototype design for their main course catalog page. Using the color scheme of their well-known brand, our design team created a sleek, layout that delivered the information in a clean and concise way. Our team also focused on creating an intuitive, catalog tree-view language that wouldn't overwhelm the end-user and still deliver the information in an expedient way. Problem solved.

elearning, interaction design, web design

Disney Mix Central Online Music Store

Website Design + Interaction Design

Client: The Walt Disney Company

Our web design team designed the store console as a virtual, hardware-based UI, in a style that reflects the high level of polish & visual punch consumers expect of Disney. The design follows a stylized 3D appearance with a highly tactile look & feel which entices users to interact with the controls and explore. Over 20 pages were wireframes and designed over the course of this exciting project for The Walt Disney Company.

disney, interaction design, music store, online store, web design

Imperion Game Site

Website Design + Interaction Design

Client: Travian Games

TravianGames contracted The Skins Factory to create the brand identity & online game user interface for their strategy game - Imperion.

The Skins Factory built the game site's overall look and feel while developing all inner game screens.

game, interaction design, web design

Logic Nation: Nation Profile Page

Website Design + Interaction Design

Client: Logic Nation

The Skins Factory was brought to completely redesign the UI and user experience of this social networking platform. Logic Nation is a new start-up that is looking to change the way discussions and information is produced, consumed and distributed on the internet. The Skins Factory completely overhauled not only the look and feel of the main Nation profile page, but the complete interaction design, user experience, premium nation subscriber area and more.

interaction design, social networking, web design
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