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Viridity Energy VPower

Browser & Mobile Application User Interface + Interaction Design + UI Kit

Client: Viridity Energy

This sleek application monitors equipment, energy management systems, electricity prices and weather to help building owners sell energy reductions into the demand response markets. Beginning with a complete 27 screen overhaul of the interaction design, The Skins Factory redesigned the entire user experience & visual design for both desktop and mobile browsers (separately) and followed up the application design with a custom UI Kit that empowers their development team.

browser application, mobile app, ui design, ui kit, ux design

Mobile Mileage Tracking

iOS Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: Name Withheld By Request

The Skins Factory designed everything from the manual / automatic trip capture screens to the dashboard, scheduling, navigation, trip manager, scanner, report submissions, locations, logins and more. Our team came up with the idea to include a version for day + night use and even implemented a version for those users who are color blind. Pulse effects were deployed as a visual cue, so drivers could focus more on the road and less on the app while driving.

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Browser & Tablet Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: AVASIS

Over the course of 7 months, The Skins Factory designed the brand identity & UI + UX design of the AVASIS Construction Management software. A seamless, fully-integrated solution that brings together project owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, title and insurance companies, and bankers on a single platform.

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iOS Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: Otus

The Skins Factory was invited to rethink the UX & redesign the visual UI for the flexible LMS & Learning Analytics Platform - Otus Plus. Utilizing a collapsible & expandable, double sidebar navigation, the intuitive design is receiving 5-Star reviews from the some of the biggest names in the educational app review market. From Login Screens, built-in browser, vibrant analytic graphs, seating charts, blog design and much more. The Skins Factory delivered a clean, intuitive design that is sure to delight both students, parents, & teachers.

ios app, ipad, ipad app, lms, school software

Prive Porter

Mobile Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: Prive Porter

When luxury reseller, Prive Porter, needed a chic, iOS mobile application to streamline the way they receive new inventory, they contracted our design team at The Skins Factory. Using the latest design trends, we fashioned an app that was not only supremely intuitive, but elegant and very easy on the eyes.

ios, ios app, iphone app, mobile app, ui, ux, ux design

TKE InstallSite

Mobile Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: TKE

A mobile, field agent application for one of our favorite clients. The Skins Factory designed the entire UX & UI design, working in tandem with the TKE Team.

These screens shown represent a small sampling of the almost 100 screens we designed. Click View Project Details to see the HD images.

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TKE Messenger App

Application User Interface + Interaction Design for Windows Desktop & iOS

Client: TKE

The Skins Factory designed TKE's Windows desktop & Apple iOS iPhone Messenger applications, to deliver unparalleled ease-of-use, packaged in a flat 2D, modern user interface design language. Utilizing a collapsible sidebar, to reclaim workspace, the app allows for instant communications in a single or group messaging environment, email or telephone. Dispatchers can find Field Service Agents using custom, location pins via the map.

ios app, messenger, ui design, ux design, windows desktop client

Intel Graphics & Media Control Panel

Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: Intel Corporation

When Intel approached The Skins Factory to create the entire user experience for an upcoming consumer line, their prime directive was this - ignore what came before... re-imagine whats possible. So we did. The Skins Factory worked hand-in-hand with Intels engineering teams to design an experience unlike anything that had come before. Through a creative mix of animation and contact-driven behaviors, The Skins Factory was able to completely rethink the way a control panel should work.

application design, graphics control panel, icon design, icons, intel, ui design, ux design, windows desktop client

BH Physician's Directory

iOS Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: BH

BH, one of the 10 largest healthcare networks in the United States, contracted The Skins Factory (via AAJ Technologies) to redesign their mobile Physician's Directory iPhone app. Using a crisp, sleek visual design based on the brand identity's color scheme, the app is not only super intuitive to use, but designed for speed, so that busy physicians can redirect their patients to other doctors in the BH Network.

healthcare, ios app, iphone app, medical


Browser & Mobile Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: CarQualifier

CarQualifier brought in The Skins Factory to design the UX & UI for their world-class consumer mobile & browser application. CarQualifier prequalifies consumers for new vehicle loans & leases at the beginning of the sales process. Our team started the project designing the browser application's interaction and visual design, then ported the design over to a mobile phone platform. The results are a perfect visual symmetry. Over 100 screens were designed. Here's a small sample. Click to view the full project. We have so much more to show you.

browser application, carqualifier, mobile app, ux design


Enterprise Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: OrcaEyes

OrcaEyes, the leading provider of strategic Human Capital solutions including workforce analytics & workforce planning, hired The Skins Factory to re-conceptualize their SonarVision application. We completely overhauled the interaction design, which started with taking a massive filter list & converting it into a secondary, slide-out panel. One of the many improvements we made to the workflow. We followed up with a trendy, visual design that will make their competition stand up and take notice.

browser application, business analytics, enterprise, saas, ui, ui design, ux, ux design, workforce analytics

Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner for iPad

iOS Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: Nu Skin

Nu Skin's Pharmanex division approached The Skins Factory's design team to create an iPad Mini exclusive, iOS application for their biophotonic scanner. Taking design cues from the hardware's black display screen, our team designed an easy-to-use, touchscreen interface, utilizing a palette of vibrant, primary colors on top of a matte and glossy black application stage. The results are a forward-thinking, subtle and tactile design language that's at home with the latest design trends.

biometric, ios, ipad app, touchscreen, ui design, ux design

Infor10 Workspace

Browser Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: Infor

The Skins Factory developed the comprehensive UI + UX for Infor's enterprised-based social application which includes: Profiles, Messaging, Photo Management & Library, Events, Alerts, news feeds & more. Developed to work on both desktop clients and touchscreen devices. The look and feel has a hybrid aesthetic - with its flat, visual design fused with The Skins Factory's trademark style of adding tactile, design elements throughout the UI. 1 of 6 projects Infor tasked The Skins Factory with.

browser application, enterprise, saas, ui design, ux design

Playlist Music Player

iOS Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: The Skins Factory

Introducing the ridiculously easy-to-use, incredibly stylish music player app for iOS, that will change the way you manage and playback your iPhone & iPod Touchs music library. Choose from two unique themes, create new playlists by adding individual songs, adding entire albums or artists catalogs with a single tap. Playlist Music Player for iOS will be found exclusively on the Apple App Store. Simplify Your Beat. In development.

ios app, iphone app, mobile, music app, ui design, ux design


Application User Interface + Interaction Design

Client: Hookflash

Hookflash set out with a single goal: to create the ultimate cross-platform client application for desktop communications. Doing so required finding a concept and design partner capable of thinking outside of the box enter The Skins Factory. Taking cues from mobile application trends in simplification, we nested deeper less-used functions neatly & logically throughout the UI, while clean lines, a translucent framework & shallow tactility created a sense of calm and purpose.

communications, enterprise, ui design, ux design
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