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Viridity Energy VPower

Custom UI Kit

Client: Viridity Energy

Beginning with a complete 27 screen overhaul of the interaction design, The Skins Factory redesigned the entire user experience & visual design for the desktop browser application. After Phase 1 was completed, our design team moved on to Phase 2 which included porting the desktop browser version over to a mobile browser format. The final phase had our team creating a custom UI kit of elements for their development team. By having a custom UI kit, they can cost effectively create new screens in-house.

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Custom UI Kit

Client: OrcaEyes

OrcaEyes, the leading provider of strategic Human Capital solutions including workforce analytics and workforce planning, contracted The Skins Factory to re-conceptualize their SonarVision application. Our team started with a complete overhaul of the interaction & experience design, which started with a massive filter list & converting into a secondary slide-out panel. The final phase of the project included creating a custom UI Kit which included various business analytic graphics, pie charts, graphs & tables.

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Custom UI Kit

Client: Heartland School Solutions

Heartland School Solutions, a leading provider of innovative child nutrition management, contracted The Skins Factory, to redesign the UI + UX for three of their world-class products. The custom UI Kit accommodates Mosaic Cloud and Mosaic Back-of-House. By creating a custom UI Kit based on the UI elements we created for both applications, Heartland has the ability and resources to add new screens without contracting out to a third-party. Now thats empowerment.

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Custom UI Kit

Client: RedPrairie

A multi-platform UX & UI endeavor resulting in perfect symmetry between the different applications. Enterprise software giant, RedPrairie, contracted The Skins Factory to design the user interface & interaction design for multiple applications including a desktop browser application, a mobile browser app & an Android mobile app. Our design team also created a custom UI Kit for the RedPrairie developers that enables their developers to continue development after our team completed our tasks.

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EXO UI Version 2

Custom UI Kit

Client: EXOPC

The Skins Factory was brought to completely redesign the UI & UX of this mobile app platform. The design team used a number of eye-catching embellishments to present an environment thats both exciting & elegant. Designed with a deft use of light & shadow, a sleek symposium of reflective & matte surfaces and striking bursts of vibrant color. As part of the deliverables, The Skins Factory created a custom UI Kit to aid in development of future screens & assets.

gui kit, style guide, ui kit, user interface design
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