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At The Skins Factory, our designers have the capability to step in at any stage of an application's user interface design and deliver Best in Class deliverables. Whether it's working closely with our clients to design everything from the user interface and interaction design of their application, to merely wrapping an entirely new visual design over an existing architecture, we've got it covered. We deliver an undeniable edge over rival offerings - our goal is to out-do both the competition and ourselves every time.

Whatever your platform - desktop, mobile - iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry etc., television, embedded device - outfit your application with the best UI imaginable.

Notable Clients: Intel, Infor, Nortel, Panasonic, Target, Motorola, Disney, NFL

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Never under-estimate the power of the icon. No other single UI element has the ability to make or break the implied quality of a product or service with a single glance.

Over the years, The Skins Factory has created thousands of gorgeous 3D icons, including many mission-critical (and mind-blowing) collections for companies like Intel, Disney & Toyota to name a few. Employing the world's best icon artists, we're able to create every­thing from flawlessly-executed 2D silhouette toolbar icons to stunning animated 3D mas­terpieces that convey flawless detail at any scale, from the desktop all the way up to billboard size. Contact us for world-class icon design & development.

Notable Clients: Disney, Saatchi & Saaitchi (for Toyota), ATI, Alienware Corporation

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Perception is paramount to building a highly adoptable identity. The Skins Factory will create an identity that the world will remember. We take the virtual and make it actual. Now that's reality.

Whether your company requires The Skin Factory's brand specialists to conceive or re-conceptualize an existing brand, our team will work with your executives or marketing team to develop and design a brand that will convey your company, service or product's intent to the public in a refreshingly creative way. From your web-based & print logo to a full collateral package, The Skins Factory always delivers stunning logo designs.

Notable Clients: BellSouth Internet Group, QTRAX, FyreTV,, Virtual Heroes

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A successful website design needs to deliver its content quickly and effectively, but this doesn't mean you have to settle for a bland, stripped-down looking website. At The Skins Factory, we're able to apply our extensive cross-disciplinary experience to virtually every aspect of a web design's graphic development & interaction design. From meticulously-crafted wireframes to stunning final graphics.

With the high level of sophistication of today's user, it's become critical to redeploy the kind of interaction users expect from a desktop experience to the web. Online music stores, cloud-based productivity and accounting suites, search portals - we've done it all.

Notable Clients: Disney, TDK Electronics Corporarion, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Infor

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Looking for a virtual device so realistic you want to pick it up off the desktop? Look no further - absolutely nobody creates more impactful, fluidly-animaged and fun-to-use Widgets and Gadgets than The Skins Factory. Other studios may try to imitate our work, but to state that The Skins Factory has been responsible for defining what's possible within the medium is no exaggeration.

Yahoo! Widgets, Apple Dashboard Widgets, Microsoft Vista & 7 Sidebar Gadgets... com­panies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, Lenovo, Nero, HP and others come to us for a reason - we deliver excellence.

Notable Clients: Microsoft, Yahoo! Inc., Intel, HP, Lenovo, ESPN, Nero

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The Skins Factory is widely considered to be the world's best developer of Windows Media Player Skins - in fact, Microsoft and their partners consider us the provider to come to. Our releases continuously break download records while raising the bar and setting the stan­dards. While other companies are still struggling to figure out how we've done something, we're already light years beyond them and creating the next big thing.

We are also able to adapt these skins to create hybrid 'remotes' that can toggle seam­lessly between Windows Media Player and Apple's iTunes using widget and gadget tech­nology.

Notable Clients: Microsoft, Alienware, Disney, NVIDIA, Warner Bros., EA, Capcom.

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A custom-branded desktop theme can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, espe­cially when it's created by an exceptional theme design studio like The Skins Factory.

Imagine for a moment the impact of having your brand or property take over the end-user's entire desktop environment voluntarily. Not only do we have the multi-disciplinary prowess to flawlessly execute these visually-integrated environments, but we've also developed our own technologies for their delivery and distribution.

The Skins Factory is your one-stop shop for owning the desktop.

Notable Clients: Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, EA, Warner Bros., Alienware, Disney

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From scientific gadgets to the latest video game consoles and turn-key systems, we've created some amazing interfaces for highly specialized operating environ­ments. Our designers and specialists work closely with hardware & software engineering teams to see unique & captivating interfaces through from blueprint phase to final shipping product. As with any project, we bring our multi-faceted experience to bear by re-imagining the best of what's available on other platforms & combining that with pure never-before-seen innovation. From Sony PlayStation themes and video game user interface workflow & graphical design to gadget application development, we can do it all. You can see our handiwork featured in the U.S. Sony PlayStation store.

Notable Clients: The Walt Disney Company, Nero, CBS Studios, Microsoft

The Skins Factory Services - Undeniable Passion. Unparalleled Results

Our reputation has been built by our unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of the design development process. The Skins Factory is the world's premier user interface design company for a reason - we get your product, we understand how it should integrate with your existing services and branding, and most importantly, we know what your competitors are doing and precisely what your target user needs to see if your offerings are to stand out from the competition. Each and every case is unique, requiring its own delicate balance of eye-candy, ease-of-use and raw functionality if it's going to hit its target - luckily for you, we're interface ninjas.

Explore & imagine the possibilities and see why companies like Microsoft, Intel, The Walt Disney Company and many others trust The Skins Factory to develop some of their most important digital assets.

The World's Premier Interface Design Company

By attracting and employing the world's most talented user interface design professionals, The Skins Factory has been instrumental in pushing the envelope and defining the artform for over a decade. Put us to work for you.

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The Skins Factory know the audience they're designing for. They know what works & what doesn't work.
Andre Bazire, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

The Art of Illuminated Technology™

From interactive control surfaces, integrated runtime motion graphics and UI-level branding, the user interface and interaction designers at The Skins Factory deliver true 'firsts', and are the UI design architects of tomorrow. Whether it's desktop application, web or mobile app user interface design, The Skins Factory always delivers the extraordinary.

Our Edge - Razor Sharp


See why Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Disney, Motorola, AT&T, Electronic Arts, HP, Yahoo!, NFL, Intel, Bank of America, Panasonic, Warner Bros. & many others choose The Skins Factory.