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Mac|Life Reviews Zen Viewer – ★★★★½

One of the industry’s most prestigious technology website & magazine, Mac|Life, reviewed Zen Viewer today and gave us ★★★★½ (Rated: Excellent).

While I know we have an incredible product, reviews always tend to make me anxious. Talk about a waste of good anxiety. We received an awesome review from them. Here’s an excerpt from the article “MacLife: Review: Zen Viewer HD, like a Swiss army knife for ebooks, audio, video, and more on your iPad.“:

With a simple, eye-pleasing design, Zen Viewer HD from The Skins Factory succeeds impressively in format capabilities. Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, PDFs, CBR/CBZ, EPUB, it’s all here and it all just works. There’s no blurriness and no odd rendering; everything fits on the pages perfectly.

Unfortunately the reviewer had the previous build and didn’t realize that we had all ready launched the AirPlay and ‘Open In’ features for Zen Viewer. He also mentioned that he found our tips to be a bit too much. However, we all ready knew some people might not want to have their hands held and put a tip kill-switch in the Settings panel.

Wanted to give a special thanks Susie Ochs for taking the time (and interest) in Zen Viewer. She was instrumental in getting our app in front of the reviewer. Thanks Susie!

To read the review, please go here.


Cult of Mac Reviews Zen Viewer – ✭✭✭✭

One of the most well-known Mac blog sites, Cult of Mac, reviewed Zen Viewer today and gave us ✭✭✭✭ out of 5 stars!

Here’s an excerpt from the article “Seek Enlightened iPad File Management With Zen Viewer“:

The app is fast and responsive, a wonderful showcase for the iOS touch navigation platform, with its colors and graphic elements lending a rich gravitas to the otherwise mundane realm of file management. Audio and video playback are flawless and the recording feature should be a boon to anyone still having trouble with the touch keyboard.

To read the review, please go here.


AppAdvice Reviews Zen Viewer – ★★★★½

I had the first generation iPad on Day One, thanks to pre-ordering at Apple.com and fast shipping. One of the very first apps I installed was AppAdvice. AppAdvice delivers the latest app reviews, news, apps that have gone free and a ton of other features. When it comes to apps, it was one of the best purchases I’ve made and one of the few I check daily.

During Zen Viewer’s development, I kept telling myself that I would keep bothering them until they gave us a Review. And I did. And they did. And here’s an excerpt from the article “Enlightened File Management With Zen Viewer HD“:

Zen Viewer HD, ultimately provides a single app solution, a gorgeous one at that, for those who carry and share a lot of data and docs. It makes finding your files simple, even pleasant, and the robust search function is always there to help.

To read the review, please go here.


TUAW Reviews Zen Viewer… and loves it!

Zen Viewer HD was reviewed by one of the largest Apple tech blogs on the internet – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).

An excerpt from the article “Zen Viewer, Great-looking Document Management for iPad“:

Zen Viewer’s interface and capabilities have made it one of my new favorites in this category. There’s some stiff competition, but I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that anyone who needs a great solution for document transfer, access and management give it a try.

Special thanks to: Brett Terpstra for taking the time to review Zen Viewer HD.

To read the glowing review, please go here.

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